Electric Hot Water System

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Electric Hot Water System

Penrith Hot Water recommends electric water heaters that are from reputable companies and are credible. We assure the dependability of these systems and make sure that they have been tested. We inspect every element from special enamel to the preservation of the inside tank and the distinctive thermal brake system. Our recommended electric hot water heaters are among the most efficient on the market, featuring the latest improvements in safety and consumption measurement.

The electric hot water systems can be installed indoors as well as outdoor. For a four-person home, a continuous system requires a 125–160L tank, whereas an off-peak system requires a 250–315L tank. Electric instantaneous water heaters are also available, although they usually only have enough hot water to serve one outlet (one tap or shower). Your electric Hot water system might be responsible for a significant portion of your power costs. It's a good idea to double-check that you're on the most appropriate power plan for your needs. There are two basic types of electric water heating systems;

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